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Melissa 05/23/18
Recommend: Yes
Charlene is a customer service Goddess
I have been stressed out and anxiety-ridden, as I have had a life-changing event where I suddenly had to move.. So, I needed a small storage. Charlene was nothing but gracious and helpful. I had initially called her to see if there were open spaces - she told me yes and to come in. I came in to her office and she made everything so easy for me - minimal waiting, I moved in my things, signed paperwork, paid and done. I even had switch my unit to a bigger one the next day.. Charlene made it happen - no problems at all. You know how people can get - scoffy and short with you because you have "inconvenienced" them. This was the opposite. She was SO pleasant and made my life easier! Highly recommend - Charlene will take care of you.

Johnnie Bethel 03/26/18
Recommend: No
Onsite Management is blind and dumb
Horrible experience dealing with this company. The person running the storage site (Charlene) is a dimwit ditz. Not name calling just a perfect example of who this person is. She pulls the bait and switch routine shows me the spot for my RV. When I come to park my RV someone is in my spot. It's Sunday so office is close, so I call and leave a message. Monday rolls around no call back yet. Give them another call during business hours. No one picks up, I leave another message. Finally get a hold of her afternoon. She is completely oblivious to know who has parked there even thou she lives there has array of surveillance cameras at her office desk and supposedly has files on every vehicle parked there. She keeps telling me she will call me back but never does. After a week and no response I asked them to refund my money. Now waiting to see how long this will take.

Anonymous 11/21/17
Recommend: Yes
Phillip the old manager.
Can,t believe you let the best mgr this place has ever had go. Hope he does not become your competition. I know he raised my rent three times, so your prices are now competitive.

Anonymous 02/28/17
Recommend: Yes

Amy Wells 01/24/17
Recommend: Yes
This company has been very good to me. Reasonably priced, clean and staff as well as owners are great people. I wouldn't do business anywhere else.

JOSE 01/24/17
Recommend: Yes
I agree with JOHN i also went there and the manager called another place close by and got me a space for my trailer.. Guess he must feel secure in his job. my boss would not be happy if i gave business away. much respect to that manager.

Amy 01/16/17
Recommend: Yes
I don't actually have a unit at this facility, I live behind it and thought you might take interest in what I have experienced in the past years I have lived here. This establishment allows a gentlemen and a few others to reside at this particular location. They say they don't like there, I see they have their clothes and an a/c unit set up and are there at all hours, so you use your judgment. This past Saturday 1/14 I caught a transient next to my daughters window speaking with the other guy who lives there around midnight. I also saw another gentlemen on a separate occasion passed out and high on who knows what hanging out of the unit and called the police because I thought he was dead. Also the man that lives in his unit (all the way towards the back) actually in a storage unit likes to empty out other peoples belongings and sell them as if it is a garage sale. Like I said beware!

john 11/18/16
Recommend: Yes
Went here to rent storage but facility was full.. the manager called another storage facility and got me a unit, from the competition i might add..this is how business should work , TOGETHER. nothing but respect for the manager, and my business will use this facility for all my storage needs in the near future...

Anonymous 08/04/16
Recommend: Yes
Knowledgeable manager.

Dan Sanders 08/04/16
Recommend: Yes
Treated well.

Jean Griffith 08/04/16
Recommend: Yes

Brian F 08/04/16
Recommend: Yes
Management is friendly and helpful.

Brian Day 08/04/16
Recommend: Yes

Ronald J. Kordyles 08/01/16
Recommend: Yes

Joe Miller 08/01/16
Recommend: Yes
Phillip is a great help, always courteous.

Ron Kordylas 11/24/15
Recommend: Yes
I have used this facility for over a year now, and it has been a good experience. Phillip, the manager is very efficient and great customer service each and every time we have had contact. I would recommend this facility to anyone.

Mary 04/25/15
Recommend: Yes
Friendly Service
I've rented from this facility for about a year. Access was easily and convenient and Phillip, the manager, was very kind and helpful in facilitating an easy move when I was ready to downsize. Thank You!

MeLinda Tincher 02/20/15
Recommend: Yes
great experience
I have rented units on this property a couple of times, but have to say, this is by far the cleanest I have ever seen the property look. The manager is friendly and kind and has been very helpful during what was an extremely stressful moving experience. I will definitely be referring friends and family to your locations for storage needs. I truly appreciate the experience I have had. Its been a pleasure.